career - January 30th - February 5th

Finances may feel like they are evening out, as some unexpected money comes your way just as you are dealing with a loss of wealth, perhaps due to some unwise investments or spending. Take stock of your physical and emotional well-being this week in order to proceed in a positive ways with a new initiative. Do some research or make appointments with doctors or counsellors. Avoid vices and instead put some time and energy into your outward appearance and sense of self. If you are feeling ignored or unheard, turn to a trusted companion or advisor.

Now it is more important than ever to maintain your sense of equilibrium. Keep up the balancing act of your life. Right now, more than ever, it would be smart to keep a low profile and stay out of other people's problems. Watch your words and speak with tact, especially if you must deliver bad news or offer an unpopular opinion. Make life easier but working to keep the peace at home and at work. Make your own goals your primary focus. The changes you initiate now will be beneficial in the long run. Remember that spiritual gains outweigh material ones. It may be the right moment to get involved in charity or community volunteering. Some quietude would be restorative and productive for you now.

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