career - Horoscope 2021

You have some concerns about the status of your career and while you are not sure if it is time to move to something new, and when you think of all the work involved in rewriting your CV and taking interviews, you just want to stay where you are. Well, a good first step may be to take a class in a new subject of interest because while it may be time to move on, it will not be wise to do so without a clear plan ahead because you have many dependents, plus, you cannot afford to spoil your reputation.

So, continue in your workplace contributions and the routines that have served you well and your efforts will pay off with a raise in rank or status in the latter half of the year 2021. But until then, if you are feeling cut off or lonely, reach out. Being honest about your inner turmoil may connect you to someone new, or someone you had written off as a potential foe. And if a big project gets dropped in your lap, accept the challenge, it will help you keep working till you get to the finish line.

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