career - June 17th - 23rd

This week, Virgo, a mother figure or caregiver may call upon your time and support, requiring your thoughtful attention. It's essential to allocate more resources towards repairs or renovations, whether at home or at work, without procrastination. Investing wisely in these endeavors will ultimately alleviate future stress. Take moments of solitude to contemplate your plans and aspirations, finding solace in meditation or exploring new spiritual paths. Your voice is needed in important business matters, so speak up and share your valuable insights, as your input could steer decisions towards success. Forge new connections with those around you, expressing your ideas confidently to enhance collaboration and opportunities. Embrace the spotlight, as fortune supports your endeavors now, encouraging you to assert yourself and take bold actions without fear of hard work or public visibility. Embrace the energy of the moment and make your mark, Virgo.

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