June 17th - 23rd

Virgo, the stars are aligning for significant changes in your relationships, marked by the end of one possibly inevitable connection. Approach this transition with grace and diplomacy, viewing it as a gateway to embrace fresh opportunities on the horizon. Your heightened intuition and creative prowess are shining brightly, earning you admiration and potentially leading to a well-deserved promotion or bonus. Trust your instincts, especially when faced with risky decisions, seeking spiritual guidance for clarity. Remember to check in on an elder, particularly a grandfather, who may require your support during this time. While public scrutiny may demand further refinement of your image and status, addressing minor conflicts now will pave the way for smoother sailing ahead. As you navigate through pressures, reflect on your true value and consider leveraging your skills to create a more independent path, whether through working from home or establishing your own venture. Trust in your abilities and persevere, for brighter horizons are within reach.

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