love - May 22nd - 28th

This is a time when Taurus will face an illness or setback that will affect them or their loved ones. During this time, it is vitally important to work through the sorrow and stress by reaching out to their partner for support. Plans for a trip may be delayed, but they need to continue looking for a change of scenery in different ways as it will be uplifting. Taurus needs to avoid channeling anxious energy into vices and instead look to spirituality or purposeful activities. They should let go of their ego and admit that they need help if they do. The only way to feel heard is to speak up. Practical concerns will be on their mind, and love and romance will take a backseat. Money will weigh heavily on their thoughts, and they may be looking for additional income or hoping to cement some plans to move forward with a passionate personal goal. Taurus should go after their desires, including the romantic ones, but they should avoid over the top situations. Over analyzing things will only lead to needless worries. Taurus needs to keep communication positive, positivity is key. While focusing on life's mundane concerns, they should not forget to pay amorous attention to that special someone. A couple of new ideas could help them to spice things up.

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