May 22nd - 28th

Taurus, prepare to shine at work this week! Your managerial skills and leadership abilities will attract the attention of your colleagues who appreciate your hard work. A recent evaluation will pay off handsomely, with a possible raise or promotion headed your way. However, don't forget to check in on your personal relationships, especially a special romantic one. A heart-to-heart may be needed to work through a difficult patch. Share your ideas and concerns, but also be an attentive listener. Achieving a balance between what you earn and what you spend is essential this week. That expensive item you've been eyeing may need to wait. Your mind is focused on bigger visions, thoughts, and ideals and you are open to expanding your knowledge base. Communications with people from far away may play an important role in your aspirations. Remember to stay focused and prioritize your commitments to make the most of this time. Don't be a slave to your schedule, instead, be a priority manager.

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