love - January 17th - 23rd

Striking a balance between over-planning and under-planning is what works best this week. Legal affairs require immediate attention, meaning romantic getaways will face some restrictions. Talk things over with a teacher or mentor who has guided you in the past. Take care of issues at home, especially distress occurring to a mother or caregiver. You are of a spiritual bent of mind in this phase. It is easy for you to grasp the bigger picture and offer love freely.

You feel the need to be more authoritative during this Mercury cycle, to take the reins in life. Devoting yourself to professional duties would be wise now. Romance needs to temporarily take a backseat. Everything you say and do will be out in the open so choose your words with care. Communicate confidently and carefully. Enhance your skills -- professional and inter-personal -- and this will, in turn, enhance your love life. Don't concentrate too much on the romantic corners of your life right now. Stay away from gossip and negativity. Give advice or your opinion when asked for it.

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