career - January 17th - 23rd

Career transformation is possible now though it could come at the cost of delayed compensation or temporary monetary shortfalls. If you can make do with a little less this will be a phase of good fortune. Travel is possible now, perhaps abroad or on a long journey. This will afford you the chance to connect with new ideas and spiritual insights. You may find a boss or another authority figure more open to your ideas now so share some thought that's been on your mind. Be ready for whatever life threw at you on the road and take all reasonable precautions to maintain your health and well being.

This week your career is front and center on your mind. Perhaps extra demands are being made of you. You are voice of authority amongst peers. To keep the peace make sure you communicate your thoughts effectively. Your mastery of words will influence your superiors. Make some professional plans or work through some fresh strategies. Others will respect your sound advice and find you both reliable and approachable. Multitasking is imperative now so don't waste your time in worry. Sit tight when you are right.

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