love - February 19th - 25th

Scorpio, in this phase, you must make every holiday and visit in your long-distance relationships truly count by gifting something from the heart. Show gratitude to those who have dedicated their time and love to you by giving generously. It's also a favorable time to invest in necessary repairs or renovations. Your spirituality may face challenges and complexities due to your interactions and experiences. Take a break from it all, whether in nature or with a special person, to recharge and gain much-needed perspective. Maintaining a calm and focused demeanor will greatly benefit your romantic relationships, family life, and career. This monthly phase brings good fortune to all endeavors, as long as you maintain the right outlook and make sound choices. Your intellectual prowess will also guide you in the right direction. Traveling and communication are essential now and will help youretain valuable social connections. Engage in social activities with friends or consider taking a class. It is also a propitious time for romantic pursuits. Nourish your passions, embrace your dreams, as there are no limits to what you can achieve.

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