February 19th - 25th

Scorpio, this month you are being called to find a creative solution to a relationship issue that has been weighing on your mind. Whether it's an unresolved romantic complication or the need to let go and move on, trust your intuition as you make your decision. In the workplace, your talents and leadership qualities have not gone unnoticed, and you can expect some well-deserved recognition and praise. A raise or promotion may even be on the horizon. Your family members, both young and old, may turn to you for assistance during this time. Use your creativity to find effective solutions that will benefit everyone involved. It's also important to celebrate your recent successes with someone special in your life. You are brimming with creativity now, and it's a great time to share your talents with others. Your communication skills will allow you to display your imagination and intellect. Your good sense of humor will be appreciated by both family and romantic interests. The upcoming days hold some potential hold-ups or conflicts, perhaps with relatives, siblings, or coworkers. However, know that you have the inner resources to overcome these challenges. Don't hesitate to reach out to others for support when needed. Embrace this fulfilling time, as inner happiness can make a real difference in your life.

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