March 13th - 19th

Contracts and business meetings dominate your time now. You may be experiencing added stress at work as you find yourself at odds with a colleague. Be diplomatic about sharing your ideas. A relationship may be at the ending phase. A change of scenery or environment may make this loss easier to process. Work to establish and keep peace at home. Make time for recreation and light hearted moments with those closest to you. Trust your intuition and your spiritual beliefs now as they will lead you in the right direction.

This week you are drawn towards self expression. You are ready to let your creative side show. Ideas are easy to communicate now. You are ready to engage others in conversation or with humor. Romance and pleasure are on your mind. You are interested in partaking in intellectual games and in spending time with children. You need intellectual stimulation and seek out company that can fulfill that need. Spontaneity appeals to you now and lets you express your unique, creative side. Confidence and hard work make for success right now.

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