love - September 26th - October 2nd

You may feel restricted or cut off from your usual social group right now. Family matters, especially health concerns of relatives, take top billing at present. You may be needed at hospital or doctor's visits. In the process, do not lose sight of your own physical or mental health. Confide in your partner about fears or phobias. Meditate to get in touch with spiritual ideas to guide you forward. Though this might be the wrong moment for romance, some other relationship could surprise you in a pleasant way, perhaps a neighbor or boss showing exceptional caring.

Change is coming your way. Express your passion and use these changes for good. Your positive attitude will be contagious now, leading to success and happiness in your relationships. A calm outlook will serve you well so keep an open mind. Some recently established bonds can easily be cemented with openness and trust. You feel an urge to connect now so get active in your community. Get out there in the world. This will prove profitable for you personally and professionally. Have faith in yourself as well as in others.

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