September 26th - October 2nd

One path or relationship may be ending now. Though this may cause feelings of loneliness or sorrow, don't be blind to the opportunities and good fortune ahead of you. Change is inevitable and needn't be viewed with fear. Others admire your work ethic and your recent performance on the job. You may be showered with praise or rewards for a job well done. Look to elders for guidance and leadership. Avoid vices or risky decision making. Instead, make time for self reflection conducted in quietude. Reflect on what you've achieved and what you want to pursue next.

Determination and the right orientation come to you. Your attitudes, worldview, outlook on life and the environment you live/work in, will therefore see some changes. It is for you to wrest success and joy out of these changes. Sometimes when you choose to lean on friends, you find they're leaning on you already, and then everybody gets confused. This is what is indicated by stars this week and it actually gives you a chance to experience and address this kind of situation so that good feelings remain all around and everyone is back on a mutual course.

One reason this can happen to begin with is that you may have been paying too much attention to your own goals and aspirations and lost track of the bigger world outside. A little healthy self-introspection may help your own ambitions find better focus and general support where you can most rely on it.

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