love - Horoscope 2023

Sagittarius, this year, Rahu will remain in your fifth house, making it unsuitable for love affairs, so be wary of misunderstandings in your relationship that may arise. It's important to be devoted to your relationship during this time, and those interested in love marriage may have to struggle a bit. Stress and sleepless nights may be felt in the months of May, June, and July, discouraging love affairs. However, don't lose faith in your partner, and avoid getting involved in pointless debates. Mars will transit in different houses throughout the year, affecting your love life. Anger may cause tensions between you and your partner until mid-March, while your relationship may improve from mid-March to early May. You may feel worried about your spouse's health from mid-May to early July, and restraint and devotion will be necessary to prevent misunderstandings. From July to August, this will be a fruitful time to convert your love relationship into marriage, while October until November may be a challenging period for your relationship. Finally, the end of the year will be a bit unfavorable for love relationships. Have faith in your relationship, stay committed to your loved one, and work on strengthening your relationship through any challenges that may arise.

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