love - December 4th - 10th

Sagittarius, this week brings a mix of challenges and opportunities in your relationships. Your spouse or partner may have a secret that needs to be shared, and it is vital that you make time to listen and understand their fears or loneliness. This vulnerability can ultimately strengthen the bond you share. Meetings and legal matters will dominate your time, as you may find yourself signing contracts or helping family members mediate conflicts. However, amidst the busy schedule, it is crucial to find a change of scenery. Even a simple getaway close by can offer you and your significant other the much-needed perspective. Romantically, complications may arise, and emotions may run high. It is essential to deal with each issue fully and wisely, letting go of ego and embracing cooperation. Spend quality time with your loved one, as this will result in increased intimacy and a deeper understanding between you both. Remember, working as a unified couple will be the key to overcoming any personal battles that may arise.

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