career - May 22nd - 28th

Sagittarius, your work life is about to get a little more complicated this week but don't worry, your creative thinking ability is your big asset. You will encounter unexpected issues on the work site, and you'll need to come up with new ideas to get through them. Your travel plans could also get delayed, so be prepared. Take advantage of simple, low-cost opportunities to unwind during the week, maybe attending a show or competing in sporting events. Before making any risky decisions, it is wise to seek advice from your trusted advisor. Endings often allow for new beginnings, so don't be afraid to explore new paths. You may receive a call for help from a maternal figure or caregiver, which you should respond to promptly. A week of productivity and pleasure awaits you with an exciting possibility of romance or even marriage. Your communicative approach will help you build and maintain bridge connections with colleagues. Pitch your ideas that have been simmering for long to your superior. It's time to take a step ahead, and with your sense of adventure, you'll have an excellent time doing so.

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