May 22nd - 28th

As a Sagittarius, it is important that you focus on communication this month. Whether it's through letters, emails, texts, or phone calls, make sure you reach out to your loved ones. They need to hear from you, and you have so many great ideas to express! Additionally, take the time to boost your feelings of self-worth. Maybe a new haircut or some new clothes can help with that. Prepare to take a short trip, whether it be for work or pleasure. However, be wary of unexpected expenses as money may be an issue this month. Although you may find yourself lacking resources for your goals, don't give up hope. Instead, redistribute your resources in a way that will help you achieve stability and success in the long run. Remember that your family is important, and now may be the time to address any conflicts over property or inheritances. Stay positive, and opportunities will come your way - believe in yourself and your dreams, and you will achieve great things!

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