love - March 20th - 26th

You feel towards between the past and the future now. You are ready to be carefree and enjoy some leisure time with friends or even someone special. But home requirements or health concerns of relatives may be weighing on you as well. Tend to what needs to be fixed, arranged or repaired. Be diplomatic as you make plans impacting the residence of others. You are full of insights and have some creative romantic schemes up your sleeve. Make time to show someone just how much you care to keep a connection thriving.

A friend of colleague may make a romantic overture during this Mercury cycle. Success in love is likely now. What you desire may soon come to fruition. Take on added tasks and everything will fall into place naturally. Life is smooth sailing now--in love, work and family relations. Enjoy your successes and don't let negative comments rattle you. You are ready to explore and get in touch with new parts of yourself. This makes you attractive and powerful in the eyes of many. Use this to your advantage. Wield the power you have.

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