May 3rd - 9th

This is a moment of good fortune for you personally so be sure to make the most of it. Take a journey, a brief one or a more far flung exploration. Invest in higher education now and undertake the mission of learning something new. A mentor or father figure may need your assistance now. Check in with family and make time to share a meal or enjoy music or the arts together. Some legal matters may need to be resolved, perhaps leading to some change in finances. A career transformation may be made possible via the new opportunities in front of you now.

This week favors increased concentration and the retentive mind. Your thoughts revolve around personal matters -- family, friends and loved ones. Family matters or discussions of the past may dominant your conversations now. In order to achieve your best work solitude may be required. Try to relax and concentrate. Direct conversations are best and offer you a chance to speak aloud your concerns about health or home issues. This phase indicates a busy schedule with a full workload. Learn to manage pressure as they arrive. Strive not for perfection, but for excellence.

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