career - June 2023

Pisces, get ready for a thrilling time as many aspects of your life will be heightened, enhanced, and made better. It’s time to reap the benefits of your hard work and generosity. Rewards, recognition, prestige, and even power are on the horizon. Allow yourself to indulge in the praise and do not be afraid to attend business dinners with authority figures. Your practical vision will enable you to expect tangible results for your efforts, and your efficiency will be noticed by those around you. Be prepared for added responsibility, but embrace it as it will only help you to progress further in your professional life. Embrace the sudden activity surrounding you and don't be confused. This is your time to shine, and you'll be most visible this year. Take advantage of the compliments and recognition coming your way and don’t hesitate to claim what you deserve. Remember that this success is well-deserved and be grateful for all that you have accomplished. Continue to be generous and kind to those around you, and your positivity will come back to you tenfold. Enjoy this generous time, Pisces, and do what you feel is right. The stars are aligned in your favor.

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