June 2023

Dear Pisces, this month there may come a time when you truly need to "walk the talk" and stand firmly by your beliefs and convictions. The focus will be on financial matters, both for immediate needs and future gains. It is essential that you think through your decisions carefully. Property, possessions, rentals, funds, investments, and even cash transactions will be of great importance, and there may be an opportunity for profits or income from real estate. However, avoid the temptation for fast cash or quick gains, as they are unlikely to bring lasting security. Be cautious and restrained in your actions, but trust your instincts and judgment. You may experience anxiety about both health and money, and it's critical to prioritize self-awareness and care. Relationships within the family may be a source of tensions, depressions, and chaos, so try to be helpful and avoid eccentricity as much as possible. This can be a depleting and confusing time, and you may feel uncertain about your direction in life. Be patient and communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings and potential deception from others. Focus on investing time and money in your home and family, as this may well lead to new beginnings and a greater sense of security. Stand strong, Pisces, and keep your own counsel as far as possible, always trusting your instincts.

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