love - May 2023

Pisces, as the stars align, you may experience a strong urge to pause and reassess your goals, desires and requirements. It is advised that you take a cautious approach in your physical, emotional and financial dealings during this period. You may feel somewhat restricted or overwhelmed at the moment, making you feel like hiding away from the world. However, this phase presents you with an opportunity to manage and resolve any complexity that may have emerged in your relationships, especially from last month's conflicts or rivalries that surfaced. Take time to review your choices and options, but avoid taking risks or engaging in any extreme actions. Conflicts relating to financial sharing may arise, but it's best to avoid drama, and maintain a low-key approach during this period. Instead, focus on reevaluating your life and making necessary changes to what does not work for you. Be proactive in getting along with people around you, whether at work or in your personal life. Remember, being flexible, and adaptable will help you navigate these uncertain times. Take this chance to better your life as it will lead you to positive outcomes in the future.

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