May 2023

Pisces, this month is bringing about recognition, rewards, greater power and prestige - even your assets, property, and belongings will be enhanced greatly. The time is being truly generous to you, and you deserve it. Your vision is practical right now, as you want to see tangible results for your efforts. You are likely to have more contact with authority figures during this period, and recognition is likely to come your way whether you ask for it or not, along with the responsibility that comes right along with it! Follow your intuition and do what you feel is right, keeping in mind that you are at your most visible during this month in the year. However, be prepared for sudden and rapid increases in demands and responsibilities in both your professional work and financial life. You may feel confused about what future directions to take, as you want both absence of worry, and at least some, if not all, the good things of life. You may have to wait longer than you thought because that’s how situations are shaping up now. Forming pleasant, affectionate social friendships through activities within organizations or societies can figure this month, and you may meet someone special through these group activities. You will find that your interests will be shared, turning good relationships into everlasting ones. You are more peace-loving than normal, somewhat detached on a personal level and more connected to the outer-world. You will be more friendly, more magnanimous, but also more extravagant. However, imagination and desires may cloud your decision-making capabilities and create confusion. Relationship ups and downs will characterize this phase, and it could be because you are struggling with feelings of rejection or experiencing unusual things in love. You may want to withdraw from social activities; if you do not, avoid making big purchases and commitments at this time. You may feel the need to invest time and money in homemaking, house repairs, re-decorating, or family activities. There could be new beginnings through buying a home or real estate, but relationships within the family could be a source of tension, depression, and chaos. Try being helpful to others in the family, and avoid eccentricity as much possible.

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