love - November 28th - December 4th

A recent loss may make you feel vulnerable or confused this week. Communicate your fears, even if they seem unfounded. Make health and wellness a priority and avoid decisions that would adverse impact you, such as giving in to the temptation of vices. Seek the advice of those you trust most, including elders or spiritual mentors. Take a short journey to recharge and enjoy music or art. Channel your thoughts onto paper and entrust those words with someone special now.

You are at the center of attention right now and may be feeling emotionally vulnerable because of that. Reach out to others. Embrace someone who needs a hug. These little acts of generosity will make you feel better too. Cumbersome tasks are now accomplished with ease. You are feeling sensitive and enthusiastic, in tune with the world. Listen to others feedback as you share your passion with them. You are inspired by love and will be excited too. Go and grab what you are looking for!

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