November 28th - December 4th

Make personal health a priority now. A visit to your doctor for a check up or to address some issue that's been on your mind is now in order. Deal with necessary repairs and accept unexpected monetary expenditures. Communicate feelings of stress and loss. If feeling cut off from others, look to connect over a meal or at a concert or show. A grandparents figure in your life may need or offer assistance now. Trust intuition and listen to your gut as you grapple with ongoing issues. Change is inevitable so work to accept it. Enjoy a small getaway to gain some peace and perspective.

Those in need are drawn to you. Younger contacts may look at you as a mentor now. Take time to empathize deeply. It will make you feel good about the world and about yourself. You are euphoric at the moment, finding genuine joy in your work. You feel enthusiastic, even inspired. At home too you are mentally very active, making interesting changes and turning the daily grind of domestic chores into pleasure. Shared understanding and insights are to be savored now, so make connections at work and in your personal life. Your creative powers are ready to shine. Show them to the world.

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