career - August 2nd - 8th

Your daily routine has been serving you well but might be starting to feel isolating. If so, get out and join a new group or club. Spend time around new people, those drawn to your charisma and open to your ideas. This would be a wise networking move, one that could connect you with some new supporters of your projects. Check in at home as a recent accident or theft may be stressing a loved one.

Some essential elements of your life are about to change. Your attitude and your outlook on life will now be revitalized. Handle change as well as you can. You find pleasure and success in it if you try. Approach situations with an open mind and don't allow stubbornness to take over. Avoid making rash decisions. Instead, seek the advice of colleagues. This week is an ideal time to strengthen bonds with loved ones and family. An unexpected profit may land at your feet. Take time to learn from others now. They have a lot to teach.

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