August 2nd - 8th

You are now feeling richly appreciated on the job as your hard work is rewarded with a raise or rise in rank. Avoid getting drawn into futile competition and instead pay attention the your daily routine, keeping in mind all those that depend on you and look to your example. Your charisma makes you the center of attention now. Your many well wishers are now ready to cheer you on in some new venture. Just make sure to check in on your close relationship. Don't leave someone special feeling lonely and attention starved.

Your outlook on life is about to change. The environment in which you live or work may also be shifted. Attitude is everything now. Aim to be positive without becoming pig-headed. Listen to those around you and consider their perspectives. Guard against going to extremes now. This is an ideal moment for bonding in relationships of all types, including romantic ones. Partake of group activities. There is no need to go it alone. It is far better to learn how to work with others.

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