love - June 2023

Libra, your sensual and earthy sexual desires have been strong but under control. As you look ahead, things are about to take off for you in all areas of life. You have worked hard and deserve the rewards you're about to receive – so sit back and enjoy them. Keep in contact with authority figures for assistance in reaching your goals, and anticipate recognition for your hard work. However, with additional recognition comes responsibility, so tensions may arise as you navigate taking the lead and managing others. Trust your intuition and make decisions from your heart – you'll find that others will notice and admire your integrity. Committed relationships will offer you more stability, while those who are single may feel a sense of insecurity. Remember, one-on-one relationships are becoming increasingly important, and some of you may even take on business partners. With career matters ramping up, it's important to keep stress at work, so you can fully enjoy your love life. Overall, the stars seem to be in your favor – enjoy the positive vibes and reap the benefits of your hard work.

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