June 2023

Libra, this month the focus is on people and relationships in various areas of your life. You need to hone your people skills and be alert to identify potential threats to your progress. There might be competition and animosity, but there will also be warmth and togetherness with loved ones. This is a good time to expand your horizons, promote your ideas and travel, even if it's just in your mind. Your love life will be on fire, and you'll want to make the most of it. Whether you have a partner or not, express yourself imaginatively and sensually through creative acts like dancing or cooking. You might make some new acquaintances that will do good for your professional path, so keep an open mind. Remember to slow down a bit and don't get carried away by emotions or excitement. Take time to rejuvenate your vitality through leisure activities, trips or simply cooking up great new ideas. The emphasis is on "us" rather than "me" this month, so focus strongly on your relationships and make the most of the caring and sharing energy that's in the air.

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