career - May 2023

Libra, you often find yourself caught between two opposing forces - your own critical mind and the advice of friends and family who warn you against being too hard on yourself. But the stars are telling a different story this time around. Now is the perfect time for you to take a step back and make a realistic assessment of yourself. Do not shy away from analyzing your overall appearance, your physique, your health, and your material possessions. This moment calls for introspection so you can become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses. However, do not forget about the people outside of your own little world during this period. Identify specific areas in which you could improve performance, and take the positive actions necessary to become a better version of yourself. By enhancing your own performance, you will indirectly affect the performance of those people with whom you share a work relationship. Your colleagues, the bigger and smaller fish in your business all can improve through you. Keep in mind, as any organization is only as good as its weakest member, so is every collective. Keep a close watch on over-stressing yourself and don't overlook the importance of taking personal time when you need it. It is essential not to overexert or neglect yourself, as this can significantly impact your friendships and partnerships in both negative and distressing ways. Remember, there is nothing more crucial to a partnership or friendship than one person being mentally and physically present. Assessing yourself may not be an easy task, and your friends and family may not always see what you see. But if you genuinely want to achieve contentment and success in life, you must be honest with yourself, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. Lying to oneself will only repeat the process with sad results. Remember, Libra, your attitude is what determines your altitude in life.

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