May 2023

Libra, this is a time of playfulness and inspiration for you. You are more willing to take risks and enjoy the variety of interests and activities this month has to offer. However, be cautious not to fly too high or take risky moves as there may be some lurking danger. Avoid being reckless when it comes to affairs of the heart as well. Your focus will be on work this month, but with an emphasis on both benefits and job satisfaction. Social and romantic activities may revolve around your job, and you may become lazy due to associating pleasure with work. You will also have a desire to work for the community and society as a whole. This month, you are passionate and daring, with a desire to expand your opportunities for higher studies or travel. You may find a spiritual or business mentor to follow, and your creative projects will flourish with increased focus. However, be mindful of frustrations and feeling unappreciated, and don't neglect your own needs in the process of working for others. Overall, enjoy this rich, fruitful and happy phase of your life.

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