May 10th - 16th

You are now offered some rewards and recognition for all the hard work you've been putting in. After a recent monetary setback, this raise or bonus will feel like a windfall. Enjoy the boost in reputation as others admire your leadership skills and managerial abilities. Use this as an opportunity to do some self assessment as well and identity some of your own strengths and areas to improve. Treat yourself to a new addition to your wardrobe or a new hairstyle. You've been working hard and been a team player. Let the happiness you feel right now show.

This week will enable you to expand your prospects with extended warmth and friendship, along with greater cooperation at work. You know by now how vital it is to work on relationships. Your determination and perseverance are your strengths. These qualities will now help you personally as well as professionally. Family matters may be on your mind now. If you are not already committed, an engagement or wedding may be in your future. Long Term plans now matter to you immensely. You are looking to establish relationships based on trust in every area of your life.

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