love - September 2023

Leo, this is a perfect moment in time for you to step out from the shadows and share yourself with everyone around you. You are like a magnetic force, attracting admirers left and right, some of whom may even develop a romantic interest in you. Right now, you are at the peak of your visibility, so make the most of it! As you bask in this spotlight, it's important to take a moment to strengthen any weak spots and mend any cracks that may have surfaced in your life. Consider changing a few variables to make yourself an even better and stronger version of you. This is a time to be true to yourself, to live your life in a way that feels genuine and whole. Your sensual being is a powerful force within you, and if you take a closer look, you may find that you can use the element of change to your advantage and spice up your relationships with your loved ones. Get more personal with your lover, show a close friend or relative just what you can accomplish for them, or even for yourself. Strengthen the bonds that are necessary within your profession as well. By going with the flow of things while doing all this, you will ensure greater harmony and success. It's crucial to remember that a challenge or confrontation is not in your best interest right now. Such conflicts will only add unnecessary stress and divert your attention from more important matters. Instead, be honest and objective when reassessing your life. This self-reflection will bring about positive changes in the near future, allowing you to grow and thrive. Trust the process and enjoy this period of visibility. Embrace it with grace and confidence, Leo. The world is yours to conquer.

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