September 2023

Leo, this is a time when you will truly need to "walk the talk" and stand by your beliefs and convictions. The focus will primarily be on money, both immediate needs and future gains. Financial matters will take center stage, requiring careful consideration and planning. It's important to think things through before making any major moves involving property, possessions, rentals, funds, investments, or cash transactions. There may be opportunities for profits or income from property, land, and real estate, but beware of chasing after fast cash or quick gains, as they can provide a false sense of security. Be cautious of allowing pride or ego to guide your career or personal gains. Trust your instincts and back your own judgment, but exercise restraint and proceed sensibly. During this period, you will also realize the significance of the bonds and ties you share with your loved ones. Your friends will play a crucial role in your life, and you will be eager to maintain and strengthen these friendships. It's a time to be companionship-oriented and enjoy engaging in conversations about your interests, finding value in the exchange of ideas. Additionally, you may experience benefits or pleasure through siblings, communications, or short trips. However, be mindful of any tendencies to show off your wealth and possessions in an effort to prove your worth to others. This could lead to conflicts regarding rights and ownership. Some Leos may face setbacks in their earning potential, impacting both income and the resources they have relied on in the past. It's crucial to avoid impulsive buying during this time. Exercise extra energy to secure what you believe you have earned and deserve, but do so with caution and without losing sight of what truly matters.

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