June 2023

Leo, this month you will find yourself focusing on money matters once again, such as legacies, trusts, loans, or fundraising, although you may still be facing some health problems. However, this month pending matters may finally come to an end. Unfortunately, this could also bring a sorrowful event such as a death or legacy that brings mixed feelings of joy and relief. This is a time for clearing out psychic "junk" and ridding yourself of bad habits. You have a strong desire to explore life's secrets and become quite introspective, allowing you to uncover your personal strengths and talents. You may find that one-to-one linking appeals to you more than group activities and casual associations. If you are single, you may be more eager to enter into a devoted relationship. Your flexibility when it comes to your affections will allow you to negotiate and make harmony in your relationships. However, you must beware of becoming too critical of your partners or relationships. There may be ego conflicts and adversaries demanding your attention, but try to work cooperatively on these issues to avoid stirring up antagonism. Remember to accept the differences you see between your ideal and reality. Overall, this month is a time for introspection, financial focus, and an emphasis on building strong and harmonious relationships.

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