love - June 5th - 11th

Gemini, it seems that the unexpected breakup you recently experienced has shaken you to the core. However, the universe wants you to know that you should not dwell on this lost connection but instead, focus on yourself and your future. Find joy in recreational activities such as sports or the arts that let your creative side flourish. Your next love interest is on its way and it will be someone who truly appreciates your intelligence and philosophical views. During this phase, your diplomacy skills will be recognized by those in positions of authority or your boss. So, stay calm and focused as you advance your romantic relationships, family life, and career. Everything seems favorable during this period, and with your intellectual prowess, you are making the right decisions. Communication and travel will be crucial in maintaining your strong social connections. Take a class or hang out with friends, the possibilities are endless. Believe that there are no impossibilities, feed your passions and follow your dreams.

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