career - June 5th - 11th

Gemini, this week a change of rank or status is underway, empowering you with greater executive authority. Despite some potential complications relating to site plans or groundwork construction, your ability to call the shots and handle what needs to be done is admired by others. Be mindful that your performance is being evaluated, so make sure you continue to give it your all. You might even consider brushing up on some skills through course work if needed. While professional plans and goals take center stage, don't overlook the needs of family members who may require your advice on repairs or purchases. This week, you'll enjoy a sense of creativity and make gains on all fronts - personal and professional. Conversations with colleagues, siblings, or neighbors are intellectually fulfilling, paving the way for new ideas and opportunities. You're feeling adventurous and outgoing; consider starting a fresh adventure with your closest friends and loved ones. While you have the strength of mind and character to go it alone, an adventure with someone special is far more meaningful. Dig deep and you'll find all sorts of inner resources within yourself this week that will fuel your success. So enjoy the high you're presently on, Gemini!

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