love - November 28th - December 4th

You and your partner are immersed in decision making at present. There may be formal, legal matters to tie up, perhaps concerning finances, purchases or repairs. Keep in mind that domestic peace is parameter and will increase both of your store of happiness. Extended family -- yours or your significant other's -- may call on you for help or support. You may find yourself embroiled in heated religious debates that challenge your views. Enjoy the opportunity for a brief change of scenery, spending time in a new environment, perhaps one outdoors.

You may be feeling drained for a recent project you had to complete or a heavy load of stress. Take time to recharge and rekindle that passion with which you usually approach life. Avoid excessive spending. Make relationships a priority instead. A heart to heart with your partner may be in order to make sure you are both truly satisfied. Smooth out the bumps in the road and your relationship will feel more solid and stable. Let go of ego and ask for the help you need. The right communication is pivotal right now.

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