career - November 28th - December 4th

Education plans may be disrupted or delayed now as you need with some worksite or real estate complications. Make careful financial decisions in order to avoid risky ventures or financial loses. Some monetary or relationship matter needs to be resolved soon. Talk over your plans with your partner or close companions. A change of environment would help alleviate the pressure of public or political opposition. Spend time out in nature or in another setting that brings you peace.

You may be feeling weighed down now, unable to achieve your usual level of productivity. Something serious on your mind may be controlling your everyday actions. Listen to some good advice. It may be the answer you're looking for. Loss may be inevitable so work to prepare for it. While you can't seize every opportunity that comes your way, doing nothing would be an error. Exhaustion may be an issue now so pick your battles with care. It's time to prioritize your relationships. Iron out snags and remove delays in all aspect of life, professional and personal. Get ready to face and competitor and come out on top.

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