career - September 26th - October 2nd

You are in a creative mood and ready to share your insights with others. Communicate with care and you will sell yourself well in sales presentations and work meetings. Remain diplomatic and open to compromise as you work through a professional difference of opinion or just messy office politics. Spend money on repairs or unavoidable purchases such as vehicle or real estate necessities. Before you make any large scale decisions, get the advice of an expert. Trouble with your significant other's family could signal a change in your relationship. Work as hard as possible to talk things through.

You are now experiencing a steady, upward surge of growth. A sense of peace at home has helped propel you upwards, as have your sound financial decisions. Others notice your success and are impressed. Beware of the envious though who might not wish you well. Your home life requires a lot of attention now though that's not necessarily a bad thing. You have grown over the past few weeks, both intellectually and emotionally. You are ready for more complex interactions with others. Continue with your self of confidence and purpose and your progress will continue.

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