August 1st - 7th

This is an auspicious moment for networking. Communication and self expression come naturally to you now, making it easy for you to win others over with your charm and charisma. Some money you have been waiting to come through may finally arrive, lightening your financial load. Enjoy good times with friends but don't overdo it or overspent. Even as you are enjoying your new fan following, be attentive to domestic matters. There may be some relationship issue that warrants a conversation or discussion. A sibling or neighbor may need your assistance. Keep a close eye on valuables to avoid loss or theft.

This is a time to make the most of increased powers of concentration. You may require extra solitude in order to get mental work done this week. Your memory is more retentive than usual and your thoughts turn personal - to family and loved ones. You may enjoy discussions of shared family memories right now. It's a great time to truly open up and have heartfelt conversations with loved ones. Issues surrounding home and domestic concerns, including your personal past, tend to dominate your thoughts. You may feel harried, possibly bringing work home or entertaining guests but the effort is well spent. What you give now is what you get later.

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