love - July 4th - 10th

An illness or loss, in your family or your significant other's, could cause some plans to be delayed in this phase. Avoiding letting the stress of family lead to risky decisions making. Vices or risky sexual behavior would be ill advised. Instead, look towards the activities that give your life a sense of purpose. Art, spiritual pursuits would both be a source of solace and inspiration this week. A secret between you and someone special needs to be shared. Voice that idea or concern you've been keeping from them.

Money matters are on your mind now, taking priority over love and romance. Your romantic ideas will drive your partner's mood beyond your expectations. Communication now can lead to positive relationship growth and can assist you in overcoming needless worry. Maintaining a low profile on your expectations would be most preferable idea to lead the game. Don't write off romantic expectations. Work to maintain a spark even if things have become routine. Sensual and intimacy will help with more meaningful connection. Romance sometimes requires you to put in some work.

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