July 4th - 10th

A sudden setback may have you struggling, both monetarily and emotionally. Travel plans may be delayed or cancelled due to problems faced by a father figure or teacher. Avoid turning to vices to deal with your troubles. Instead consult spiritual paths for new meaning. Take care of your health. Offer assistance to those in need, including siblings, neighbors or colleagues. Seek a balance, both in emotions and spendings. Some unexpected money may be headed your way, in the form of an inheritance or some new income. Invest it wisely.

This period favors financial agreements and may include benefits from legal inheritances. Your approach to finances right now is to analyze income, cash flow and earning potential. Your rational outlook is a help, allowing you to discover new sources of money making. If you have concerns, voice them now, as communication will bring financial gains. Tend to your health and try and reduce stress when possible. Unrealistic expectations will only end in disappointment so pursue a rational mindset. Your conscious and a sense of calm will pull you in a good position, priming you for financial gain.

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