career - September 2023

This month, Gemini, your attention should be directed towards the people in your life and the relationships you have with them. It's crucial to prioritize your significant other, children, or parents, giving them the same, if not more, amount of time and effort as you do your co-workers, superiors, or subordinates. These are the individuals who truly matter in your life. However, in order to be the best version of yourself for them, it's essential to maintain strong relationships with the latter group as well. Stay sharp and alert in your professional life throughout this month, as your focus and attention at work are vital. If you possess excellent people skills, utilize them to build and nurture connections. If you lack in this area, now is the time to acquire and develop these skills. Effective communication is crucial, and learning how to deal with others will ensure productive interactions. Beware of potential threats that may jeopardize your position in your business. Remain vigilant during this time and be prepared to confront any negativity that comes your way. Despite any challenges that may arise, find solace in the love and support of your loved ones. Your close ties with them will offer comfort and contentment when faced with difficulties. Embrace the collective mindset and focus on the concept of "us" or "we" instead of "I" or "me." Acknowledge your own needs, but also recognize that those around you have their own needs as well. If your work involves one-on-one interaction with clients outside of the office, be ready for a particularly busy period ahead. In conclusion, dear Gemini, this month is dedicated to strengthening your relationships and putting the needs of your loved ones on an equal footing with your professional responsibilities. Stay vigilant, nurture your connections, and find comfort in the support of those who matter most.

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