September 2023

Gemini, the focus this month is on people and relationships in all aspects of your life. Whether it's personal, platonic, or professional, you will realize that honing your people skills is crucial to achieving success. Stay sharp-witted and alert, as potential threats to your welfare and progress may arise. While it may not happen, being prepared is always beneficial. Despite these challenges, this month brings you a sense of caring and sharing. You will experience fine companionship, close ties with loved ones, and an overall feeling of togetherness and contentment. The emphasis is on "us" rather than "me." If you work closely with clients or consult on a one-on-one basis, expect a busy period. You might feel like you're in the grip of an uncontrollable force, as this is a time of significant changes in your material and emotional world. Financially, expect a boost or expansion through your partner or associate. Intense emotions may arise in close relationships, triggering discussions about authority, intimacy, finances, and other emotionally-charged topics. You or your partner may seek a deeper unification. Pay attention to your physical appearance and consider making improvements or changes to your style. However, be cautious not to be over-ambitious or aggressive, and avoid bullying others in the process. Instead, take charge of your life with assertiveness and physical liveliness. Love affairs may also become more intense during this time. On rare occasions when accidents occur, they are more likely to involve the head or face. Stay cautious and take care of yourself.

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