Horoscope 2021

Savor the small things in life and celebrate the little wins with family, give a listening ear even when you don't agree with what they are saying, you could find an idea that informs your future course of life. Also, on family and neighbors, you may need to shift some plans around to help them sort out a few things, and you need to do this with patience and love, watch your spending, but show that you care with a tiny gift.

Be supportive but also set up reasonable boundaries because work will be a bit overwhelming, so you need to learn to say no to some projects so that you don't burn out. Take some time and rest yourself, maybe go on a spiritual retreat or a visit to an elder on whom you have often relied for wisdom, pour out your heart and be realistic. If there are any secrets in your heart, let them out to this elder so that you can go back to actualizing your goals. After this time out, you will clearly see all the routine changes you need to make, it could mean leaving some friends or learning something new, whatever it is, do it with a sense of responsibility.

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