love - August 8th - 14th

A loss or illness in your partner's family alters your travel plans and causes some sorrow now. While other thing is ending, some other new beginning is occurring in this phase. This opportunity may prompt a relocation or a change in work status. Whatever it is, it will bring a boost to your ego. Feel free to celebrate a little with a new haircut or fashion investment but don't go overboard and indulge in vices that could compromise your reputation. You've got a real sense of purpose now so trust your intuition and follow your heart.

Your social life is suddenly more active and the impressions gained there spill over to other parts of your life. Your newly refreshed attitude makes good decision making possible, for things in the long and short term. You'll have many opportunities coming into your life and what you make of them will be pivotal. Make decisions carefully as they will have lasting repercussions. Make time for romance and for spicing things up. With all the new stimuli coming into your life now, the most favorable in on the spiritual level. Feel it in your heart, care for it in your life and nurture it in your soul.

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