career - August 8th - 14th

A recent setback may have cost you monetarily will also dealing a blow to your ego. Use this phase to recoup your sense of self. Take stock of your own strengths and limitations. Try out of a new look or even a new setting. A change in status or rank is a possibility now. Do not dwell overly on the past but instead work to carve out a meaningful present and future. Take good care of your health by making appointments to maintain wellness of mind and body.

Your social circle will play a big part in your choices this week, perhaps more than you'd like. Input from others will give you fresh ideas and help you to expand mentally. Don't let others' opinions outweigh your own though. A trip, alone or with friends, could afford you new opportunities. Many people are vying for your attention this week so keep your priorities sorted out. Your intellect and spiritual strength will impress those around you this week. The support you offer to others now will eventually return to you. Your attitude now helps you outshine peers at work.

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