career - July 4th - 10th

An important decision needs to be reached this week, perhaps one involving sources of income. It may be necessary to let go of ego and engage in some legitimate or even uncomfortable self assessment. This exercise will help you get in touch with your own strengths and limitations. Talk with your partner or close companions before you make any big purchases. Read and reread any contract or legal agreement. A new environment would be revitalizing now and give you a chance to rise above the political fray.

You are full of consideration towards others -- and yourself -- this week, ready and able to detect what is most needed and desired. Don't let overthinking get in the way of making a crucial decision. Offer to lend a hand at work and you'll find yourself engaged in some productive cooperative efforts. Put in time with loved ones and long term contacts. Make communication a goal this week, engaging in PR or counseling if the opportunity arises. You are diplomatic and ready to lead a team towards a victory.

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