July 4th - 10th

Seizing an opportunitiy now may mean letting go of something else. It is time to make an important decision, perhaps even one about a relationship. Marriage may be in the cards if you are not already committed. Make time for self assessment now and get in touch with your own inner strengths and areas for personal growth. A new look or style may be in order now. Though you may be drawn into meetings and formal proceedings, make sure to save time for close companions now. Schedule some alone time with someone special.

You are weighing the pros and cons of every situation now. You are feeling enthusiastic and ready to cooperate and communicate one on one with others. As you intend to oppose others’ views, you will end-up in an indecisive situation. Personal connections will bring clarity of thought for you.You have a strong desire to share your personal history with someone with whom you feel comfortable. This is a favorable time for PR related activities like arbitration, customer support or counseling. Using the right words in conversation would lead to a favorable impact. Diplomacy and team efforts matter most right now.

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